Department of Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal

Laboratory of Pressure Water Flow Phenomena
In the Institute of Renewable Energy Engineering the following research stations are used:


  • investigation of hydraulic characteristics and work points of the two pumps working separately or in a team in a parallel or serial combination,
  • investigation of hydraulic resistance, linear and local, of water flow in freely configurable pipelines with different pipe configurations DN20 - 100 mm, according to EN 1267, DIN 988 Standard,
  • determination of Kv value of control valves DN20 - 100 mm according to EN 1267 Standard,
  • visualisation of water and dye flow in Glass pipelines DN80-100 mm,
  • observation possibilities for two-phase (water + air) fluid flow,
  • laboratory unit provides the possibility to perform experiments in computer controlled flow and pressure conditions, using 2 el-mag. flowmeters, 10 pressure and 2 pressure differential converters in range 0 – 1.6 MPa,
  • computer recording of measurement results using SCADA system, sampling frequency 0.01s.

Contact info:
-; ph. number: +48 81 538-4430; +48 81 538-4413.
-; ph. number: +48 81 538-4778.