International Cooperation

International cooperation of Faculty of Environmental Engineering

International research cooperation

Institution Queensland University of Technology

Country Australia

Area of cooperation Aerosols in indoor and outdoor air

Institution Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, DTU, Lyngby

Country Denmark

Area of cooperation Indoor air quality

Institution Zhejiang Forest University Linan City

Country China

Area of cooperation Role of landfill cover in reducing methane emission

Institution Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon, INSA

Country France

Area of cooperation Research into thin layers of photovoltaic structures technology

Institution University of Cassino and Southren Lazzio

Country Italy

Area of cooperation Aerosols in indoor and outdoor air

Institution Universidad de Jaén

Country Spain

Area of cooperation Cooperation under European project IEE PVs in Bloom

Institution Chrisitan-Albrecht University in Kiel

Country Germany

Area of cooperation Hydraulic properties of materials used in municipal landfills construction

Institution Bielarusian National Technical University

Country Bielarus

Area of cooperation The influence of ion-exchange substrates on grass growth in sandy soils

Institution Czech Technical University in Prague

Country Czech Republic

Area of cooperation Free of Volatile Organic Compounds Protection against Moisture in Building Materials, Methods applied for measurement and visualization of changes in biodiversity

Institution National University of Water Management and Natural Resources Use, Rivne

Country Ukraine

Area of cooperation Bioindication methods in water and wastewater treatment

Institution Electrical Engineering University in Saint Petersburg

Country Russia

Area of cooperation Low-dimensional structures and nanostructured sensory devices manufacturing technology

Institution Aalborg University

Country Denmark

Titles of joint research projects Integrated design of a Passive Building

Different Air Distribution Principles in an Aircraft Cabin

Institution Lviv Polytechnik National University

Country Ukraine

Area of cooperation Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland – Belarus – Ukraine 2007-2013

Title of joint research project  Developing an innovative model of the cross-border use of zeolitic tuff

Institution EMPA – Swiss Federal Laboratories for Material Sciences

Country Switzerland

Title of joint research project  PERFLUOAIR project – research on indoor air emission of perfluorinated compounds

Bilateral student and staff  exchange agreements

VIA University College in Horsens, Denmark

Telemark University College, Denmark

Lutsk National Technical University, Ukraine

Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Ukraine

International Educational Programme

Center for International Legal Studies, Salzburg, Austria

“Visiting professors” programme – Environmental Law classes conducted by professors emeritus from the USA.

International Networks of Universities

The Baltic University Programme

Network coordinated by Uppsala University in Sweden.

BUP is a network of about 225 universities and other institutes of higher learning throughout the Baltic Sea region.

The Programme focuses on questions of sustainable development, environmental protection, and democracy in the Baltic Sea region

International Network of Excellence

Network coordinated by Institute of Environmental Engineering, Lublin University of Technology.

The Thematic Network of Excellence is a network of about 25 universities and other institutions of higher learning including European countries, Russia and India.

The programme focuses on questions of pathways of pollutants and mitigation strategies of their impact on the ecosystems.