Faculty profile

Faculty profile

The Faculty of Environmental Engineering was formed in 28th December 2004 from the Institute of Environmental Protection Engineering. This is the fifth faculty at the Lublin University of Technology. Decision about formation of the new faculty was made by the Minister of The National Education and Sport. The new faculty was based on the administration and structure of the former Institute of Environmental Protection Engineering, which was the biggest part of the Faculty of the Civil and Sanitary Engineering. The faculty history reaches 1984 year when the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Technology was formed. Due to organisation changes of the University the department was continously modified until 1987 when the Department of Water and Wastewater was formed. The department headquaters was the building of the Faculty of Civil and Sanitary Engineering. In 1995 the department was converted into Department of Environmental Engineering and Protection. First arrangements were also done to build a new Environmental Protection building, which was connected with forming a study course under the same name with the increased number of students. In 2001 a new building was finished for the needs of Institute of Environmental Protection Engineering, which is now a main new faculty building.

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List of courses and specialisations:

  • engineer course

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Protection

Technical Physics

  • master course

Technology of water, wastewater and solid wastes

Heating and air condition systems

Water Supply and Sewage Disposal

Alternative sources of energy

  • doctoral course